Our Mission

Regarding Her (or RE:Her) is a national nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the growth of women entrepreneurs and leaders in food and beverage.

To fuel her growth, we…

Harness the Power of our members passion, talent, and experience by amplifying  our collective voice to better the industry 

Grow Her Business by opening doors, driving dollars, generating media exposure, and providing critical resources and access to opportunities

Build Community by connecting diverse yet like-minded and driven women with each other and conscientious customers, one zip code at a time

Celebrate Diversity by embracing the wide range of identities, backgrounds, and perspectives we represent

Evolve the Industry by achieving gender parity, involving all voices, and advocating for healthy workplaces to ensure everyone has an equal chance to succeed


Our Vision

We believe a woman alone has power, but collectively, we have impact. Our ambition is to create the food and beverage industry we want for ourselves and for future generations—one we can be proud of and in which women thrive. 


Our Core Values

Joining together to save women-owned restaurants is what sparked the RE:Her movement, and that spirit continues to underpin everything we do.

We are...

Forceful  |  We relentlessly champion greater power, equity, inclusion, access to resources, and consumer and media attention for women entrepreneurs and leaders in food and beverage. We harness our collective power to drive business to our members and to drive systemic change at all levels of the industry. We are ambitious, audacious, and effective.

Generous  |  We share knowledge and resources, and we help each other learn and grow. We create opportunities for connection and collaboration. We promote one another in ways that maximize attention and impact. We build strong and active communities of women at the local and national levels.

Creative  |  We produce programs, resources, and opportunities that support our members’ ability to learn, grow, and succeed. We build and support creative events that engage consumers and offer members the ability to showcase their unique and innovative talents and offerings.

Transparent  |  We are honest and accountable. We act with integrity. We work to promote safe and healthy work environments and environmentally sustainable operations.

Diverse  |  We believe in the strength and power of diversity, and we are committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful community for our women-identifying and nonbinary members. We celebrate our members’ diverse cultures, backgrounds, life experiences, ideas, opinions, and goals. We strive to listen to, learn from, and amplify different perspectives.