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massive but not messy, impressively stuffed, with a slightly undercooked- esque center, our cookies are BIG, baked fresh, & in-demand. elements of nostalgia, homage to confectionery, and respect for the art and science of

a small, family-run cookie business based in the greater washington, dc area,  chipkick is a bunch of dessert-loving sneaker-heads in pursuit of the perfect cookie thanks to head baker michelle's love of (and background in) science and engineering.

chipkick releases a minimum of 6 flavors each weekend, including the three available since its inception and surprise limited-edition flavors like stuffed white chocolate raspberry, pb&j, s'mores, fruity pebbles, and many more.

cookies are baked fresh and shipped out the following week nationwide.

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Website opens Fridays at 1pm through Sundays at 9pm