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Dear Bella Creamery

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Dear Bella Creamery is a premium all natural plant-based ice cream shop in Los Angeles, focused on high quality ingredients and creative flavors that satisfy sweet tooth cravings and inspire moments of connectivity and joy. Asian American co-founders, CEO Alice Cherng and COO Belinda Wei commit to using only fresh and high-quality ingredients, void of artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, and hydrogenated oils. Dear Bella’s all-natural approach to the craft elicits a balanced sweet and savory flavor profile, pulling back on sugar levels, allowing each ingredient to shine on its own. All ice creams, fillings, and toppings are made-from-scratch and gluten-free. House-made sauces include hot fudge, salted caramel, and magic shell. Toppings and fillings range from chocolate-coated honeecomb and sunflower butter cups, to slow-cooked raspberry jam. Other sweet indulgences include soft-serve, sundaes, sammies, ice cream cakes and rootbeer, kombucha, and nitro cold brew floats and deluxe soft-serve milkshakes. 


Ice Cream Flavors

In addition to Dear Bella’s signature “Hall of Flavors” inspired by Taiwanese culture, culinary cravings, and wanderlust, Cherng and Wei rotate new and seasonal flavors, including ice creams created in collaboration with other local chefs. 


Hall of Flavors

  • Cookie Monsta (coconut milk base) | Cookie butter ice cream with chocolate-coated chocolate chip cookie pieces and chocolate sandwich cookie crumbles, tinted with blue spirulina
  • Black Sesame (oat milk base) | Toasted black sesame ice cream
  • German Chocolate Cake (coconut milk base) | rich chocolate ice cream with freshly baked brownie crumbles and ribbons of coconut icing
  • Lychee Raspberry Daiquiri (coconut milk base) | Coconut milk sherbert blended with fresh lychees and swirled with slow-cooked raspberry jam 
  • Marble Cheesecake (oat milk base) | Cream cheese ice cream  with dollops of chocolate cheesecake filling and pieces of baked chocolate graham cracker crust


Design & Decor

The creamery is located in the heart of Hollywood with a cheerful pink interior, covered in illustrations of colorful sprinkles by mural artist Maritza Torres. Front and center is an extensive case of ice creams, alongside a display of Cherng and Wei’s favorite vegan snacks and treats, and house-made sauces and toppings to enjoy at home. Outdoor seating is available.

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