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Pondicherry Dry Goods

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Pondicherry Dry Goods offers sustainably grown artisan and heirloom teas and spices working directly with small communities- small farms, cooperatives that follow sustainable, regenerative farming practices, care for soil health integrating with their natural resources and environment. The mission is to bring back purity, flavor, health benefits and value to our food and drink, nourishing people and our planet. We also offer sustainable leaf tableware (plates/bowls, utensils), that is made entirely from single fallen leaves without any chemicals or plastics – and is fully compostable and accepted in the compost bin curbside and commercially. 

We work with local chefs, caterers, cafes & restaurants, event planners & other direct customers. Working with the local community, residents of Alexandria House (a transition Home for women & children), who help package our loose-leaf tea (


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Mon-Friday 9am-5pm
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Mon-Friday 9am-5pm