Sugarbird Sweets and Teas

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Sugarbird Sweets is a handcrafted scone and tea company founded in 2009, committed to the movement of modernizing the classic scone by creating a daily ritual where people take time to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate, and if they can do it with our scones the better!

We’re proud to have created a scone collection with both craftsmanship and quality, blending flavors and textures for a brand new scone experience! Our scones are buttery with a crunchy crumb and irresistible moist center, baked in flavor combinations that represents the wide variety of cultures Los Angeles brings such as matcha white chocolate, black sesame charcoal, or fig rosemary.  We wholesale and retail through e-commerce and food delivery platforms, while developing unique corporate gift box concepts with afternoon tea and self-care experience components to each box. 


Hours of Operation
MON-SUN 7am-2pm