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BONDLE is a WOC-founded wine brand that offers a carefully curated selection of natural wines from France. The company was founded by Duyen Ha, a classically trained chef with experience working in some of the most prestigious kitchens in France, including Arpège, Mirazur, and Frenchie, as well as in Brooklyn's Marlow & Sons. Duyen was inspired to create BONDLE by her belief in the power of food and drink to bring people together.

BONDLE specializes in natural, organic, and biodynamic French wines that are sourced directly from growers and family-owned vineyards who share the brand's commitment to quality and transparency. The winemakers that BONDLE works with prioritize sustainable winemaking practices and embody the essence of terroir, most of which are certified “Demeter” or “Agriculture Biologique”.

The brand offers a unique product line for each season, showcasing the distinct flavors and characteristics of the grapes grown in each region. BONDLE's label design is modern and eye-catching, with a focus on transparency and the winemakers' stories.

As the name suggests, BONDLE is about building bonds, gathering friends and family over a shared bottle, and creating community one sip at a time.

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