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Welcome to Qusqo, a center of nourishment in LA, where we promote health & wellness through our cuisine and events.  We bring you only the finest ingredients, locally sourced, made with love.  Since most Superfoods originated in Peru, our menu includes Vegan and Gluten Free items. Here, we serve a delicious array of Peruvian signature dishes; our great blend of ingredients used to excite palates such as our Ceviche (Fresh daily fish accented with sweet potatoes and roasted corn), Palta Rellena (stuffed avocado with veggies & organic quinoa), Tallarines Verde (Vegan Pesto), Peruvian Paella (medley of seafood cooked in Achiote rice), Chicharron de Pollo (fried chicken with yucca fries), Picante de Camaron (Spicy kicking shrimp) to our Lomo Saltado (the Steak Frites in secret sauce). Our VEGAN salsas allow one to adjust the flavor to their liking. Your taste buds will cheer with applause for the sangria, wine, and specialty cocktails.  Not to mention our youth elixir, Antioxidant rich, Chicha juice; Move over blueberries, Purple corn drink may be next big

Our family is happy to share our culture and also learn about our community thru events sponsored by local artists, nonprofits or other cultural groups.  We host Sip & Paint Nights so you become the artist. Besides Peruvian bands and dancers, we have been lucky to host a variety of musicians from Classical guitar, African traditional, Rock and Hip Hop. Salsa nights have been fun so everyone can move to the Latin beats. We love showcasing people's arts and the reason why our walls are decorated with them for Sale.  Feel free to contact us for your event or art exhibition.

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